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COOL SOLUTIONS – colours available

Rainbow Shade Z-16 Standard Colours

  • As one of Australia’s most popular shade fabric brands, Z16 holds an unrivalled reputation for durability, UV-R performance and quality.
  • This High Tensile Strength shade fabric offers the ultimate UV-R and UPF protection (up to 99%). Tests prove Z16 to be the best performing shade cloth fabric for UV-R Protection and longevity over 15 years.
  • Available in 24 Designer Colours, Z16 is suitable for a range of applications including shade sails, car parks, pools and schools.
  • Designed to reduce glare, heat and provide comfort and protection, this high quality shade cloth with Proven Durability & Longevity, Easy Care and Maintenance is the perfect choice for your next shade project.

Extreme 32

Extreme 32 is a heavy duty shade cloth specifically designed for large scale shade sail and structure installations that require high strength and stability. Due to its monofilament and tape construction Extreme 32 not only performs excellently in harsh conditions but also provides impressive UVR protection (up to 95.8%).

With high strength and stability properties Extreme 32 is perfectly suited to large high tension shade sails or unique architectural shade structures.


DriZ is a unique waterproof shade cloth fabric used for suitable for residential and light commercial shade sails and structures.

DriZ provides protection from the sun, wind and rain while filtering harmful UV-Radiation and allowing natural light transmission.

Through its advanced waterproof coating DriZ will allow your shade sail project to offer All weather protection for a range of outdoor entertainment and alfresco spaces.

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