Colours Available

Rainbow Shade Z-16 Standard Colours

  • As one of Australia’s most popular shade fabric brands, Z16 holds an unrivalled reputation for durability, UV-R performance and quality.

  • This High Tensile Strength shade fabric offers the ultimate UV-R and UPF protection (up to 99%). Tests prove Z16 to be the best performing shade cloth fabric for UV-R Protection and longevity over 15 years.

  • Available in 24 Designer Colours, Z16 is suitable for a range of applications including shade sails, car parks, pools and schools.

  • Designed to reduce glare, heat and provide comfort and protection, this high quality shade cloth with Proven Durability & Longevity, Easy Care and Maintenance is the perfect choice for your next shade project.


DRI-Z All Weather Shade Protection Colour Range

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