Cool Solutions – Frequently Asked Questions

What is involved when installing a shade sail?

There are 3 simple steps to installing your shade structure:

  • Step 1 – Design: We visit your property to plan, measure and custom design a shade sail that meets your requirements.
  • Step 2 – Construction: Steel Posts and other fixtures are installed (as required), we then re-measure the area to be covered and our Master Sail Maker begins the construction of your custom-designed shade sail.
  • Step 3 – Installation: Our trained staff personally install your shade sail, ensuring that it is correctly fit and tensioned to ensure maximum performance and life. All shade sails come with a sail bag for storage an owners manual and instructions on how to take down and reinstall your shade sail.

What products do we use?

  • We use high density polyethylene ‘Rainbow Shade’ Z16 Shade Fabric which is know for its strength and durability and is treated with UV stabilizers to give it a long life in direct sunlight.
  • Has a 10 year manufacturers warranty.
  • Seams face upward, for water run off.
  • We also offer Rainbow Shades Dri-Z All weather Shade Fabric and Extreme 32 fabric for extra large or heavy duty applications.
  • Depending on the colour, the UV block rating ranges from 78% to 99%
  • Our shades withstand winds of up to 90kph. If winds in your area are going to exceed this rating we recommend taking your shade down, an easy process for the owner.


  • We use ProRig fittings which are Forged AISI 316 marine grade stainless steel.
  • Our ultra high quality ProRig 3.2, 4, 5 or 6mm (7×19 Strand) AISI 316 marine grade stainless steel wire rope is PVC coated  to avoid wear and tear on your cloth.
  • Each corner is reinforced with double fabric and heavy duty seatbelt webbing.
  • All stitching is Gore Tenara UV protected, performed using a double locking stitch.
  • The perimeter of each sail has a curve designed to control the fabric tension. Therefore, they do not sag or flap in the wind. 
  • All Turnbuckle threads are treated with Loctite Anti Seize allowing easy removal & installation.   

Shade Sails Mounting

ProRig Fittings Cinnamon

Shade Sail Posts

When posts are required we use Australian made all galvanized 100 x 100 x 3,4 & 5mm SHS.
Post & footing dimensions are determined by Structerre Consulting Engineers Post & Footing Schedules.
All posts are powder coated with your desired colour to compliment surroundings and this also helps to protect them from rust.
We also offer an additional e-prime undercoat for coastal or tropical applications
Hot Dipped Galvanised posts are available for industrial and high corrosion applications.

Sewing Thread

GORE ® TENARA ® Sewing Thread is a long lasting thread which enhances outdoor and marine products in which it is used.
Conventional seam threads on shade sails and other outdoor fabric products suffer from exposure to wind and weather. After a few years they become brittle and break. In contrast, GORE ® TENARA ® Sewing Thread is a thread you can really rely on. It does not deteriorate from exposure to elements – not even when exposed to UV radiation!

Thread Warranty

GORE® TENARA® Sewing Thread will be delivered free from defects in materials and workmanship and will not be damaged by exposure to sunlight, weather or water during the lifetime of the fabric with which it is used.

Extended Product Life through Resistance to the Elements

The unique PTFE fibre construction of GORE ® TENARA ® thread extends the life of fabric seams and ultimately the products in which it is used.
Ordinary polyester thread fibre break down over time due to exposure to UV sunlight, cleaning agents, salt water and extreme weather. GORE ® TENARA ® Thread is not affected by these agents, making it ideal for outdoor use. In fact, it is guaranteed to outlast the fabric in which it is used!
GORE ® TENARA ® is produced using pigments which are highly resistant to light. Due to the manufacturing process and the exceptional properties of PTFE, GORE ® TENARA ® sewing threads are extremely colour-fast.
PTFE is unaffected by acids, alkaline solutions and cleaning chemicals.
GORE ® TENARA ® thread remains flexible even in extremes of temperature or frost – even after years of exposure.
GORE ® TENARA ® thread is used by the military, in the sails of racing yachts and by N.A.S.A.
It is Simply the best thread available.

Why choose a Shade Sail?

  • Pool shade sails protect swimmers by blocking out up to 99% of harmful UV-Rays and heat.
  • Driveway shade sails provide affordable protection for your vehicles.
  • Playground shade sails create a sun smart cool environment for children.
  • Shade sails can provide privacy for your outdoor areas.
  • Shade sails enhance the style and value of your property.
  • Shade sails offer protection for caravans, boats, furniture and other valuable possessions.
  • Shade Sails make that outdoor entertainment area more usable.
  • Shade sails reduce indoor house temperatures.
  • Shade sails provide protection from light showers or 100% showers when using waterproof fabric.
  • Shade sails are cheaper and more versatile than a patio.
  • Shade sails look great and come in over 25 colours.
  • Shade sails can be taken down when needed (to let in the winter sun).
  • Garden shade sails protect vegetables and lawns from the harsh summer sun.
  • Shade sails extend the life of and reduce temperature of artificial lawn or decking.
  • Shade sails are very affordable alternative to expensive building renovations.
  • Shade sails increase the size of your existing living space.

How do you take care of your shade sail / structure?

After purchasing your shade sail we will provide you with written care and maintenance instructions to help you get the most out of your shade sail. In general:

  • Shade sails – during winter we recommend that you take your shade sail down and store it to enhance its life span and protect it from strong winds (>90km/h). Our warranty will not cover the product when consistently strong winds and storms are experienced. If you require assistance in taking down your shade sail, we provide a low cost call out service. We cannot however, visit the site / and or remove the product if high winds are currently in effect. We can also provide you with instructions to assist with taking down your shade sail.
  • Shade structures – require little or no maintenance. In the event of damage from extreme weather conditions or motor cars, nets can be replaced at a low cost.

Is council approval needed?

Most councils require building and/or planning approval to install a Shade Sail over 20m2. We are happy to organise this on your behalf. Councils usually charge a small fee which will vary (approximatley $140).

Do we sell waterproof shade sails?

Yes we do. Waterproof Shade Sails are essentially the same premier shade cloth as used in our regular shade sails but with the added benefit of a clear polymer membrane bonded to the surface of the fabric. These sails not only provide up to 97% shade / 99%UV-B Block but have the additional appeal of being waterproof thus creating a more comfortable and protective all weather living environment under the sail.

Waterproof Shade Sails are particularly appealing around entertainment, BBQ and extended patio living areas. They are not recommended for areas that protect gardens, as your garden will miss out on much needed rain.

Are there any special design requirements for playgrounds and public open spaces?

Yes there are. We ensure shade sails installed in public open spaces meet very strict design requirements to ensure maximum life of the product (e.g. restrict people from climbing) and to prevent any danger to the public. Cool Solutions adheres to our internal “Guidelines for shade structures in public spaces including child care facilities, playgrounds, parks and other recreational areas“. All potential customers are welcome to review these guidelines.

In particular,the location of shade structure posts around a playground must comply with the recommended playground safety standard i.e. 2.5m from any fall off point, or 1.5m from any point less than O.5m in height. 

Can we supply just the shade sail?

We are more than happy to supply only the shade sail (and any fixtures as needed), without installation. Just let us know!

No job is too big or too small. Contact us for a free measure and quote.

All tenders welcome.

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